Foods to eat with type 1 with gastroparesis

I have gastroparesis I am noticing I will eat eat 1 cup pasta at dinner 7 pm about 12 hours later I get a BG spike of about 200 points. Any body else with gastroparesis notice certain foods effect there BG like this?

@lisandustin hi Dustin,

Pasta is tricky for me… like pizza is tricky. first I try to avoid pasta for dinner but once in a while I eat it.

for eating Pasta, I have to bolus for almost 200% of the total carbs, taking at most 50% up front (usually 30%) and then the rest over 4 to 5 hours. I don’t have trouble with gastroparesis but I do have trouble with mixed carbs and very slow carbs such as durum wheat (pasta).

the danger is going low from aggressive bolus - so that’s why it’s tough for me to eat pasta for dinner…

When I eat pasta for lunch and I am also active, none of this happens.

Thank you Joe
That is what I am thinking I might have to do. I am 40 and having to change everything with the more complications I develope my diabetes changed.