For $39 you can see your BG's every 5 minutes on your fitness tracker

I’ve always wanted to know what my blood glucose was without having to take out my phone and unlock it without having to spend $400 on a smartwatch. If you are someone like me and prefers Android over Apple and want to be able to see your BG’s easily by looking at your watch, keep reading.

Here’s my cheap but extremely reliable useful setup:

  • Phone: Android (any is fine)
  • XDrip app (forked app downloaded from developer, free)
  • Pump: Tandem TSlim X2
  • CGM: Dexcom G6
  • Watch: MiBand 5/6

Now for those who haven’t heard of the MiBand they are very affordable and are usually used to track your fitness workouts. They can measure your heart rate, track your walking/running route, count your daily steps, show you your email, call, text notifications, current weather, and other features. Oh, you only have to charge it every 14 days! It uses BT 5.0 to sync with your smartphone. They are more popular outside the US, so you will have to order one overseas, they have them on Amazon but I think they are more expensive. I got mine for $39 from Don’t worry all the words are in English when you select your language.

Now for the XDrip app, one of the XDrip developers coded it to send your BG’s from your phone to the smart band via Bluetooth.

You can get the XDrip app that works with the MiBand from his blog here:

I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and it’s been amazing! It even alerts me when I go below 76. Not bad for only $39! :wink:

I just hope this helps someone looking for the setup without having to spend a fortune.

Here’s a picture of my MiBand:

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Thanks for this info. I have been trying to figure out if I could get my info on something like this.

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Neat. Do you still need your cell phone on you to get the BG results to your fitness tracker? The level of button pushing and carried items is intense these days. Thanks.


You have gotten my attention with your post. I do have a question about the XDrip app that you mention. Do you have a direct link to the app? When I go to that page, I find numerous versions and links. Thank you!

I’ve had success seeing my bg on my Fitbit versa 2 using the Glance watch face.

Do I need to have a smartphone to use this watch?