For all you "dieters" out there

This article in the Des Moines Register is based on the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole. Another book I would highly recommend which follows the same theories is called Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter (she states a family can be made of one person, so don't think you have to be married with kids to read this book).

I can't tell you what an amazing resource these books have been to me. Too many people are embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies. One of my most favorite quotes is "When I love myself as I am, I see that I am beautiful." You all have something unique and special about you, making you all very beautiful in your own way. This is something I very truly, very strongly believe.

Thanks for sharing these, C!  I have actually been struggling myself with my own insecurities of what my impression of beauty is.  My husband has been really supportive and many of my friends & family too.  But, it's so hard to look in the mirror and see what others are seeing.  It's nice to know even a stranger can see beauty in another stranger.