For Parents of T1 Kids!

After a few minutes of youtube surfing I found this video. I thought it encompassed my parents' actions pretty well.

It'll probably put a smile on your face if you take a few minutes to watch it :)

i love that youtube video. haha i sent it to my mom when i found it last year and she loved it!

Hi Amanda,it has been a while since I have seen this. Thank you for posting it !!!

you're welcome :)

Oh my goodness. that was soooo funny. I liked the part when she was like dont forget the pump in the toilet accident.

I like where she tries to eat all the sweets !  ha

Ha ha I know! Glad you guys enjoyed it. My favorite was the 504 plan nailed to the teacher's door. My mom goes bezerk if any of my teachers try to refuse privileges I am allowed in my 504 plan. So I could relate :)

But I also liked the part about the log book growing legs and walking off. lol