For people who've had Type 1 for a long time

Been doing this since 1964 and have no complications. My biggest problem has been with low blood, several near death ones. Have lived all my life on sail boats most of them having no inboard engine. Also have never had any type of refrigeration and most of that time has been spent in the Bahamas. Just remember the only reason you are still diabetic is because of the massive profits that are gained from anyone with a chronic condition, sad but true.

Have had type 1 since 1964 and also have no complications, except for the ones related to low blood. Have only been under the care of a doctor for part of my first year, till I figured out what for the most part their game is. Fortunately I am not completely illiterate and can of coarse read anything a doctor can. Don’t take any prescription medications and never have. Have always lived on sailboats and try not to get involved with the US medical industry.

I do not understand. You are not under a doctors care. Are you on the pump? I take 4 prescribed prescriptions. There are a few that are taken for protection. Please tell me more about yourself if you can.


Hi Dennis,
We have written to each other before. I was at the conference in Boston for the joslin medalists. I am one who has been to the joslin and have given my blood and anything else they needed for research
Twice. Good hearing from you.


You can get Novolin R & NPH at Walmart for $24, syringes, and test strips, all of them over the counter. I think a bunch of pharmacys sell the generic insulins OTC.

But of course, they suck. Bolus 1 hour before meal and 4 basal shots a day minimum to do it right. Also, no A1c without doctors, so who really knows where your BG is in between finger pricks. The Walmart Glucometer is pretty legit though, as well as the $10 syringes. Every diabetic should know about the OTC options incase you need a vial in a pinch.

On topic, as someone who has been T1 for 15 years, can I say that we have ALL been T1 for a long time. Even 1 day is a long time to be type 1. Most of us had to get really sick before diagnosis too. The day I got diagnosed was one of the happiest days of my life, I had felt soo terrible for so long, I was just glad that it was something that could be treated and I could feel healthy again…

Yes have not been under the care of a Doctor since the early 1960s, except for broken bones and stitches. Have lived all my adult life on sailboats (some with no inboard engines)

and so far am still making it. It is very hard at times for my wife of 35 plus years Linda. Dealing with low blood. Am involved with several onboard projects right now and think I need to check blood. Will give more details this pm.

After my first baby, I developed neuropathy along the nerve tracts in my abdomen and back. Best way to describe, it feels like these areas have a bad sunburn or slapped.
About 10 yrs ago, I developed gasterparisis when the stomach takes longer 2 empty. I’ve been very fortunate w my kidneys, eyes, and feet. After my second baby, my doc started me on an ACE inhibitor used to treat high bld pressure but 4 me 2 preserve kidney function. I’ve been t1 x 47yrs and hope 2 stay fortunate.

Wow(:0 1964 hate 2 say was the yr I was born. I was diagnosed in 72 and developed antibodies 2 beef/pork insulin(ugh remember those?) w/in my first yr. Had 2 take purified pork which was very expensive… typical, until the invention of human, which is still way 2 expensive. Today people make it to difficult w low carb/keto diets… anything w keto makes me nervous, A1c #s and a bunch of other stuff. You’re obviously doing something right 2 still b here. I’m not going 2 say “oh how horrible, u really should see a doc.” I don’t like 2 be lectured at. I really admire your longevity. You sound like, ya I have this, but I’m not letting it get I’m my way. F it.