For The Love of French Fries

There can't be much left vit. wise if you take a potato and fry it,right ? I hope there are some good things left behind because my teen loves fries and will eat them on the run.I try not to fry to much at home.I was thinking of sweet potatoes,maybe I could cut,spray,bake them.Which is the better potato ? The regular white ones or the sweet potato ?

sweet potatoes have some more vitamins in them (hence the orange-yellow color), but if you take a regular potato, slice it up, and bake it you aren't adding all the calories from the oil. you can do the same with sweet potatoes. personally, i LOVE sweet potato fries, but i don't mind slicing up some white potato fries either.

if you use cooking spray (even a flavored one like butter or olive oil) and some seasoning (my favorite is Mrs. Dash garlic herb or table blend) you can get loads of flavor without all the bad fats. you could also use olive oil instead of other oils as olive oil has some healthy fats in it too.

if your kid stays active, the fries might not be too harsh on them, but introducing a healthier version of a favorite food isn't a bad idea either :o)