For the mamas not on a pump or a CGM

I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant and not on an insulin pump or CGM.  I just test about 7 times a day and am injecting 4 times.  For me, this works... But I have a question for those who also injected throughout their pregnancy: what did you do during delivery?  Did they put you on a drip?  Did you continue to inject?  Were you allowed to monitor your self, or did the hospital take control?  All stories welcome!

I would ask your doctor.  The disadvantage with shots is the long acting insulin has flat coverage.  You aren't allowed to eat during labor and want to have your blood sugar be as steady as possible.  

Bring your own meter and plan to test yourself.  The hospital ones are often really old fashioned.  

The insulin drip may be a good choice because it uses fast acting insulin only, like a pump.  But the disadvantage is that they won't let you tweak the dosage yourself.  Talk about it with your doctor and see what they think will work the best.  

During labor I aimed for a blood sugar of 100 so I would dip low.  Didn't have any problems keeping it there, but I used a pump so that's not very helpful to you.

I was induced at 36 weeks. I am type 1 and have been on injections for 33 years, was diagnosed at age 8. I was put on a drip. I was induced early due to pre eclampsia. which is common in first time moms. When I asked the nurses to let me use my own meter and also to let me inejct myself they would give me a hard time. The meters in hospitals are coded with a patient number, and are giant.

  Often the nurses have trouble getting the patient ID number to code and sometimes they ended up testing me 3-4 times. While most likely you can't bring your own meter you could bring a lancet device. I did not have much control over what happened because I went into the hospital much earlier than expected. I was in the hospital for a week. 95% of the nurses were not very kind. They were concerned about one thing, getting their paperwork done. My husband spent the night with me on many occasions. If he had not I would have not gotten the help I needed. I never had a low blood sugar but I would recommend to put some juice or glucose tablets on a bedside table. The nurses will be so busy trying to test your blood sugar that you will end up with a severe low. I did not have an easy time with induction so I would recommend to any diabetic to get as far as possible before being induced.There are a lot of acupuncturists who specialize in natural induction. I laid in a cement bed and gave up after 36 hours to have a C section. See if you can make a plan that you can get your doctor and hospital to sign off on. My son is now 13 months old and is brilliant, even though I had him at the age of 40. Good luck! You will do great!