For those interested in Team Type 1

Thomas Rabou was named Most Courageous rider in today's Tour de California race.

I'm still looking for an article but until then they are tweeting about it....


Looks like he's also won King of the Mountain jersey -


Congrats to Thomas- I want a team type-1 jersey so I can publicly show my support!

Hey Red - It looks like they are still working on their 'store' on the website.  I'm going to see the time trials on Saturday in LA.  I'm hoping they'll have some stuff there so I can show support.    For these guys to be able to compete with the best, I think it's a huge inspiration, whether someone is into cycling or not!

You make us Proud---You give us strenght-I am a mother of a daughter with Type 1...that ride was for her and all others with Type 1.I can't Thank You enough !!!! I was very touched and moved when I read about your mom-What a wonderful son you are. God Bless You and Thank You :)