Forget my pump

OK i feel like a complete idiot when i say this but i have forgot my pump twice at my house before.Once when i got out of the show and had to catch the bus and left it on the counter and didnt relize i didnt have it til gym which was like 3rd periond.The second time i was going to jersey from Pa for a day trip and did the same shower thing and didnt want to turn back so i was disconected for a while.So i was woundering if anyones left the pump at there house or if its just me.

I have forgotten my pump a couple of times before, only to realize it while driving to work. I used to just disconnect and take my shower, now I suspend my pump. There is a little beep that reminds you that you are suspended- that feature has helped me remember to re-connect a few times!

I have gotten out of the shower and forgotten to reconnect. I have never left the house but have been out in the yard or cleaning and suddenly realized that something was missing. However, last week I went to work and was going to give myself a bolus as I ate breakfast and suddenly remembered that I had no insulin left in it. I meant to refill after my shower but got carried away with my kids and never thought about it again. I made it for a few hours before I had to leave and go home to refill it. i found it funny though.

I forgot my pump once too. I was getting dressed after I got out of the shower and something distracted me so I never reconnected. It was until after I got to my friends house that I realized what I had done. Scary stuffs. Haven't forgot since.

Forgetting my pump is my biggest fear. I have yet to do that, yet I know a friend or two that has forgotten their pump. I tend to put my pump in an obvious place where I would not forget it. I used to forget to unsuspend my pump, but I stopped suspending my pump so I would not run into this problem.

I haven't left anywhere without it, but I took it off for a shower one morning and forgot to put it back on. I remembered when I went to bolus for breakfast once, but.

I forgot my pump once. I realized that I had forgotten it after I was on the train going to work because I was going to bolus for a yogurt that I brought on with me (always in a rush!) so I had to get off the train at the next stop but, problem was the next train wasn't for a while. I had to go downstairs to get a cab to bring me home. Luckily, I was only one stop away and didn't go all the way to work and then realize.

That was the only time I forgot it. I really don't know how I did that.


I haven't forgotten it at home before... But last weekend I went too my Granny to get a dress fitting for my prom dress. I drove there and was really stressed out, cause it was the first time I had driven on a main road (I only have a learners permit). It's about an hours drive... When I was back at home, a while later, at about 11 pm, my gran called and said that I had left it there! Luckily my BG was fine, it was about 4 hours after I took it off and my BG was 77! At least I was saved from a major low... Well, my mom was too tired too drive there again and my dad was away on business, so I injected Lantus and drove to go and get it again the next day.

i have forgoten it  once i'm homeschooled so me my mom and bro were going ice skating ,it was about 2 hours from my home and i took a shower and we left it was cold but didn't feel like eating lunch  ( when my sugars high the sight of food makes me sick) so i keep skating and i came for water and almost drank a whole bottle but my mom was busy talking so i started skating agian and i came back for more and finished another bottle  and then it struck me  that my sugar might be high so i go for my pump (i had a cozmo ) to check it and its not there...... i go to my mom and drink water and she asks me how i feel and i snapped and i told her she took me home and we work it out she found ways to make it special.