Forgetting to give my self insuln any ideas?

Hey you guys I have had t1 for 6 yearsand the pump for 5 and I contantally battle to remember to give myself insulin before a meal I usually do it after because I forget to it completely slips my mind and I end up being high and of course then you feel terrible any ideas on tricks for me to remember to give myself insulin when I eat? I usually end up high anyideas for better control and remembering?

thanks Sarah

Does your pump have alarms?  I set mine for around the times I eat during the day.  Sometimes they are way off but it always reminds me - couldn't even tell you how many I have set but it really works for me.  Before I had the pump, I just used a watch alarm.  Hope that helps.

Well maybe you could get a watch and set alarms??

I am a college student my scheduel is always really werid and yes it has a reminder I just dont like it I have tried it already and it did not make a diffrence thanks

i agree with everyone else.. set up alarms is the best way to go. or if you use a planner or anything like that, write yourself little notes. 

pick something you see relatively frequently like the color red (for  every time you see it deal with your diabetes (blood sugar, insulin, eat, whatever) pick something you'll remember and link it together in your mind.  or every time someone says the word tv, or soup, or something else that will trigger your mind.

just a suggestion... i used that technique for remembering other things, i use alarms for remembering diabetes

what about a cell phone alarm?

since I've gotten better about checking at consistent times in the last few years, it's much more automatic, part of my daily habits. 2 hours after eating, my internal clock seems to remind me. (:

alarms just don't work for me I totally ignore them and plus I am a college student my meals are never consistent I was doing pretty well the last few days but it's like a switch that goes on and off when ever it wants some days I am totally spot on and remember other days I completely space out and totally forget alarms just dont work any other ideas and it doesn't matter the alarm unless my friends do and they tell me but this year we all have diffrent scheduels so it does not work any more please any others that don't involve alarms sorry I am just so tired of that suggestion it just does not work i have tried it many times

Gina gave me a poem that works really well for me "Food in mouth, pump in hand."

I wrote it on my hand for a week and then just said it every day for a month. I don't miss my injections any more.

I can understand the college issue - I was there once myself.  If you don't like the alarm method - are you using a schedule/planner for your classes and what needs to get done - or do you have a smartphone?  Try leaving reminders on those or post-it notes in binders/books - whereever to remind yourself.

do u have like a super organized friend who could annoyingly remind you?