Forgetting your infusion site

I'm wondering how many of you will chuckle at this question...  and then recognize yourselves in this situation!

Have you ever forgotten to remove an old infusion set after you have inserted a new one?  I have!  Then, after I disconnect (to shower, for example) then come to reconnect, I find two separate infusion sites and it takes me a few seconds to remember which is the new one and which one I have to remove!  Mayve it's just my mind going with age?!?

I have only done that once and ironically I am glad I did. I was tired one morning disconnected for my shower and did not do the normal infusion site removal. Changed sites and started my day.

As the day progressed I realized I had a bad infusion site and was a little panicky as I did not have the bag with my backup supplies on me and I would not be near it again for another 5 hours. I had my insulin and stuff so I was content in knowing I would be fine. However when I went to inspect the site and see if it was a pull out or something else I noticed on the other side of my body the infusion site I had forgotten to take out that morning. So I did the only logical thing. I switched back to the old site, primed the infusion set as if it were new and bolused to cover the High.

I cant count how many times i've done that.i will always be doing two things at once when i change all my pump set and not paying attention and not take the old infussion set out.Then i will be swimming or showering and put the pump on then realize i have two sets.Then i just take the old one off and get on with my life.

I would have to say that I've done it at least once or twice, espically when doing an early moring change and then go and have a shower later that night or the next morning and go to reconnect and realize that I have 2 infusion sets in and it takes a second to remeber which one is the new one and after reconnecting I go and remove the old one and have a good laugh at myself.

Glad to know that I'm not the only one that's done this!!!!



I've forgotten to remove old sites plenty of times.  I used to leave the old one in on purpose, just in case I had a problem with my new set.  I always change in the morning so I would remove the old one once I got to work and knew my new set was fine.  That was in the days of using Quick-Sets, when I would often have problems with sets not working.  Now I use Silhouettes and Sure-Ts and rarely have a problem with those.  I remove my old set in the shower now and insert the new one when I get out.