Forgot my lancing device!

I forgot my lancing device at home and will be a work all day!  Any tips or suggestions for an 'old school' way to test??  I have lancets! 

I have about 7 of those one touch mini meters that I kept everywhere until I met with my new CDE.  She suggested I stick to one, two meters max and I packed most of them up to force me to stick to just two meters.  I had meter at work, in the bathroom, next to my bed, in my purse and work bag, etc because the easy access to a meter at all times encouraged me to test more (the only downside is I do not get to utilize averages and graphs when using so many, but I keep a very detail journal so it works for me)  Of course the first time I can't test my sugars  is when I am testing about 10 times a day to develop a more accurate carb ratio and ISF!  I have my doc appt tomorrow and really wanted one more day of BG logs!

Any advice?


p.s. I am unpacking my many meters when I get home!  lol

Oh no!  :(

I've done that once before.  You just have to be a little brave, and stick yourself with it, freehand.  I find a countdown helps me get myself psyched up for it.

Good luck!

(P.S. - Proud of you for testing so often!  That's great!)

I never use lancing devices because I just don't want to carry anything else. I just stab away.  One suggestion is to use the thumb to press on the finger you will stab (the finger will turn red with blood) and do a light tap at the finger.  Next, just press on the finger you stabbed and a drop should appear.

I agree -- you just have to close your eyes and do it. Mine has broken occasionally when I've been away from home b/c those things aren't sturdy enough at all if you test often. I also use my thumb to push up a side of my finger and stab from about 1-2 inches away...