Forks for Ally :D

Alright, fight fire with fire and posts with posts. So this is the forks for Ally post. Not really forks, but let's all talk about her and see how she likes it :D


Oh gosh, she probably will like it :(


I'm responding so Alyssa doesn't feel bad.

Yes, dearest Ally you certainly ARE amazing!

and Alyssa , everyone was saying such great things about you. I don't get why you didn't like it!

It makes me feel self-concious, and I haven't done anything anyway, so it feels like credit where it isn't due.

Oh Alyssa. You are jsut amazing and you don't see it yourself.

We need to get you a pair of glasses girlie!

THE old wise chrissy.... LOL

Yeesh, emphasis on the old LOL (I think you're younger than me actually haha or same age)

shes younger!! LOL

Psh, in which case that almost makes me Doug's age (!!)

LOL.. you and doug.... LOL

I know - he's awful isn't he? I told you he was a problem

escuz me hahaha (ally, louis) don't talk about doug and i behind our backs. :D