Fortnite Type one Friends

Hi there, my daughter is 10 and been type 1 for over 5years. She is lookong for other type 1 kids to play online with. She plays Roblox and Fortnite and a few other games online. She has xbox and her handle is kksfunworld. With covid she is really isolated and we are also home schooling so I was hoping to help her connect with other type 1s out there. Anyone out there in a similar boat?

Hi @Kksfunworld. I was scrolling through posts and see you hadn’t gotten any responses to yours. Here’s a link to a previous one on the topic - maybe your daughter can make some connections there. Wishing you the best!
T1D Fortnight friends?

Hi, my son was just diagnosed last month in October. He will be 9 on New Years Day. I’m so glad to have found your post because I was thinking the same thing. He and I both actually play Fortnite (I know, silly lol), but if your daughter would like to friend him, it would be great for my son to finally get to talk to someone else with Type 1. We’re both new to all of this and neither of us have had the chance to meet or talk with anyone else who has Type 1 yet. We play on XBOX as well and share 2 different accounts. Our main account is OutrightThree1 and our secondary account is NewYearsMonk . He loves Roblox as well, and I believe he plays that on both of those accounts too. BTW, we are also pretty isolated, unfortunately. We don’t live near any other kids, and on top of that we’re doing the whole home schooling thing also. =\

Hi, danzar13! I am so happy to see your response today. My daughter is also doing virtual learning from and very isolated right now too! She is also very excited to hear from you and would love to play on the xbox with your son. We plan to add you to her friends list a little later on tonight. But feel free to send a friend request earlier as well. I am so sorry that we are meeting under these circumstances no one wants their child to have this awful disease. But maybe our two little ones can find support in each other.