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I use Safari on an iPad mostly for viewing things like this forum. The problem: with the JDRF forum, the initial page shows fine, but when I select any topic to read, the screen flashes, then goes blank; I can try to scroll and I can tell something is there, but when I stop movement the screen remains blank. If I hit the browser “back” button, the previous page displays normally. Choosing any topic presented on the main page results in the same display problem. My wife said to try turning the iPad for “vertical/portrait” or horizontal/landscape” mode, that does make the screen display appropriately and usable, but it requires that action for every topic visited…not acceptable. I’ve tried turning the iPad completely off/on to no avail. I also look at FUD and a few other forums with very similar/the same software base without problem. Would appreciate recommendations from others/the site administrator on solutions. Thanks.

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Thomas @Tlholz, we are aware of this issue and the web team is attempting to make a fix.

In the meantime, we have found that by scrolling up several [many] times the desired post becomes available for reading and responding. I’ve also found on some devices that holding down the “Ctr” key and hitting the up arrow will bring me to the latest post, and for reaching the top of the Topic, hold the “Ctr” and “Alt” keys and touch the up arrow.

Thanks for your patience during the redesign of our Community Forum.

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@Dennis Thanks for the quick response. FYI, I got an em of your response when I was on my iPhone and tried the “Visit Topic” button resulting in the same thing on my iPhone as well…probably to be expected as the base code is nearly the same. Tried the Ctrl up arrow combo and no joy on the ipad, but I’ll try it again latter. Hopefully soon… (Remember “Apple, it just works!” :sweat_smile:)

@Tlholz the problem is the site opens the page thread too low. Keep swiping down, 10-15 times to see the last entry.

The admins updated the site and it isn’t scrolling anymore for me.

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Much better now - thanks! I can give my thumb a rest😊.

Can you try using a different browser, e.g., Firefox or Chrome?

I don’t have an iPad. I mostly use a PC.

Whenever I have a browser problem with Firefox, my regular browser, I try another one such as Edge or Chrome. Often that fixes the problem. More to the point, I have found the occasional site that does not work well in one browser but works fine in another.

Hi @schnauzer1 the site had a problem and so it didn’t matter what browser or if you had a phone or tablet or desktop. The site is fixed now.