Fractured foot

Hey, i didnt know wear to put this considering it consited with a varity of topics, but i thought this was the best. Ok so i decided to go out for wrestling this year (i've been out before but first year since being diagnosed) and i ended up fracturing and chipping a piece of bone in my foot. I was wondering if i should be concerned about it. I got a "air cast" on it know and the doctor said 4-6 weeks... But thats not the only thing, i'm in health/gym class and in a week i'll be in fitness class (a class where all you do is lift and run) and my coach wants me lifting everyday after school. I lift during school because its required but not after school, because i'm already lifting everyday during school. So basicly i'm supposed to be lifting twice a day, five days a week. Is this right? I personally think that would be overdoing it. Expecially with a fractured foot... whats your opinion? And another thing, what are some different weight lifts i could do with a fractured foot?

I have no idea about weight lifting, but people w/ D tend to heal slower in their feet & lower legs. So, I'd monitor the injury and not push yourself. Feel better!

i would ask your doctor about any restricted activities. they may just have you focus on upper body to keep the extra weight off your foot.

2x/d is not over doing it. i used to have dance practice 2x/d when i was in high school AND i would run AND lift weights after practice. you will probably have to adjust your insulin, but it's very doable to exercise a lot while being d. with a fractured foot, you may have to modify the types of exercies. your foot doc should be able to tell you what is/not allowed.

I broke/shattered my knee cap a year and a half ago.  My Doctor restricted my activity level.  You really should talk to your Doctor.  He will let you know ahat you can do.. Make him write a note. give a copy to your Coach and PE teacher let them talk and figure out what is best for you and your workout.  but make sure they talk to each other with you or your parents there so everyone is on the same page.

As far as your lifting to the doctor.. tell him how serious you are about getting back as soon as possible but you need to heal first

Wear the aircast as much as humanly possible.  They actually work very well at stabalizing/immobilizing.  Last year I mangaled 2 tendons in my foot (rolled my foot in a rut while running) and was Rx'ed an aircast for 7-14 days.  Your body is quite good at healing itself, as long as you let it heal and give it time and opportunity.

Talk to a Dr or PT about when/how hard to push the foot. 


In January of 2006 I fractured by clavicle skiing.  Took 13 months to heal.  After about 8 months I got a bone stimulator with evidently helped.  It finally did heal.