Frank D.'s Transplant News

I just received the following email from our good Juvenation friend Frank D. (Devlin):



Just wanted to let you know that I've been called in to the hospital 
for the pancreas/kidney transplant and to ask you to tell all my 
friends on Juvenation.

I hope this one works out.



When I have more news I'll let everyone know right away.  Let's wish him good luck
and all our prayers for a successful transplant surgery.



Thanks for sharing this, Paul!  I am sending positive thoughts his way.

that's great!! i really hope things work out for him. i'll be thinking about him and sending my well wishes his way.

I hope everything goes smoothly for him! Please keep is updated if you can.

I hope everything goes smoothly for him! Please keep us updated if you can.

I hope all goes well for Frank.  He will be in my prayers.  Please keep us posted!!

Frank is fine, but unfortunately, due to the donor organ situation, his transplant was canceled once again.  How frustrating this must be.
Here's Frank's email to me:



Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, but it was another dry run 
similar to last August's when the pancreas turned out to be damaged 
and the transplant canceled at the door of the OR.  It didn't get 
quite that far this time.  Just as they were beginning to prep me in 
my room (not yet down to the pre-op area) and had given me some 
initial anti-rejection drugs, my surgeon cane in to tell me of another 

Most kidney-pancreas transplants involve a multiple-organ donor.  That 
was the case here with liver, lung, pancreas, and kidneys involved at 
least.  Apparently they found a circulation problem as they began 
harvesting and had to sacrifice a perfect pancreas to save the liver 
for which there was a recipient waiting on the same floor of Methodist 
as I.  Ergo, out came the IV and out went I back to the top of the 
list.  Unfortunately, the blood Type As have not been available lately.

It is a major disappointment, but then that's what Type 1 is all 
about.  You have to take a lot of punches and keep getting back up to 
fight the disease another day with thanks just for the ability to 
bounce back off the mat.

Thanks again for being a friend and thinking of me.  I'll just act 
like a Dodger and "wait for the next chance (hopefully before next 


I'm going to put a note on Juvenation later this p.m.

I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work out again. How terrible to get so excited and hopeful, only to have a 2nd cancellation. We are all still thinking about him and hoping for the best for him. Hopefully something will become available soon for him.  

Thank you for sharing with us, Paul. He is definitely very lucky to have a friend like you :o)

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Paul. He is definitely very lucky to have a friend like you :o)


Yes... he is my good friend. 

I'm thinking of offering him MY pancreas...
that is, if he'd like it. Haha :)


maybe between all of us we can collect enough parts to create a working whole. :o)

 I was so moved by this letter. I hope that another opportunity will come through for Frank soon. He is a stranger to me, but will be in my thoughts.