You know when you're feeling your blood sugar drop and you become spacey and flighty? Yes, I know that feeling, even after being diabetic for 29 years. I still have those moments where my sugar drops so quickly it's a little too late sometimes.

These moments have been coined by my boyfriend as "Frankenbetes" moments. I talk back, I adapt that stubborn childlike behavior where I don't want to listen and "Frankenbetes" is born. 

Most of you Type I Diabetics know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You go through this for what seems like forever and when you finally "come to", you're thinking "Ohmygod, what the heck happened? Did I act like an idiot? I'm so embarrassed".

Yup, I still have a moment like this every once in a great while and I know I shouldn't laugh about it because it is my health, but being with someone who can have a sense of humor about your mortifying Frankenbetes moments makes a world of difference. 

There's a Frankenbetes in all of us and although we don't want him to come out at all, having a little humor about it makes it a bit more bareable.

Do you get the same way when your blood sugar is high? That's when my son gets nasty.

The brain runs on glucose, so we all get a little funky when blood sugar is low.  My husband and mom sometimes tell stories about my stupid low moments from the past.   I don't begrudge them that, since they have had to deal with a lot of diabetes trouble over the years.  Plus some of the stories are comical.

When blood sugar is high it feels like being hung over.  Headache, dry mouth, sensitive to light and sound, short tempered.  In addition to taking some corrections insulin, treat it like a hangover with lots of water and a nap, if possible.