I’m 20 years old, single, and just found out I’m pregnant. I’ve been type 1 diabetic since I was 7. My a1c has never been lower then a 9. Most recently, last week when I found out I’m pregnant, it’s at 12.8. I didn’t plan this pregnancy, but I will do everything in my power to have a healthy baby! Advice please?!!

I'm not pregnant, but I lurk on this forum and I'm willing to help!

First of all, test, test, test! Make sure that you're checking your BG's before meals and two hours after meals at the very least. I tend to test around 10 times per day and I've found that it has helped my control tremendously.

Are you on an insulin pump? For me, my pump really helped with my control as well. If you aren't, I would suggest talking to your doctor about getting one.

Also, a CGM, or continuous glucose monitor, is extremely helpful. Like I said, I've read a lot on this forum, and almost everyone has said that their CGM is a life-saver. It's a device that you wear that tells you what your BG is every few minutes. This allows you to see trends in your BG 24/7 so you can figure out what to eat/not eat and help you adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps! Let me or anyone else on here know if you have any questions at all! This is a VERY helpful website and forum and everyone is here for support!

TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST!  Docs will want you between 80-120.  Under 140 for sure 2 hours post meal.  It's hard to do, not impossible.   CGM's are great b/c they will help ward of hypos- and with that tight control you are going to see lots of them.  Get yourself a copy of "Balancing Pre-Exsisting Diabetes in Pregnancy"- there are lots of great tips in there.  

Don't stress too much over the occasional high BG, you can't change the past.  Focus on what you can do now- correct and move on.  

Congratulations!  Diabetes in pregnancy is not easy in any way shape or form, but baby is worth it.  :)