Free Accucheck Fastclix Lancets

Hello all. I have 5 boxes of Accucheck Fasclix Lancets (100+2) which are expiring 6/2020. We can’t use them by the expiration date, so we would like to pass them along to someone so they won’t go to waste. Send me your mailing address and they’re yours.

Hi, thanks for your generous offer. I don’t need them but will throw in an unsolicited opinion ! And that is, I would personally never worry about the exp date on a material like lancets. As long as they are stored in the package, I would suggest that they will still be fine 10 years from now.

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Yes, thanks, I agree. But what I didn’t tell you is that we have 10+ additional boxes with later expiration dates (also that we won’t likely use) so these are definitely extra and available to whoever would need. Our son uses the G6 and rarely tests now so I’m just trying to share the wealth.