Free Aminus supplies

Hi. I’m new to the community. I just went live on my new T-slim X2, and have no use for some supplies. I was a previous Animus Vibe pumper. I have some purplus supplies that I would like to donate to someone who needs them. All are brand new and have never been opened. I have the following:

Unomedical/Animus insets
23 inch/6 mm
9 boxes

Animus 2.0 mL Cartridges
16 Boxes

Dexcom G4 Sensors-four to a box
2 Boxes

I would prefer these go to a family with a T-1 child. But I’m open to anyone who truly needs them. I only ask that the recipient pay for the shipping. I hope this helps someone who really needs them. I’ve been in that spot before.

Many blessings

Good morning i wanted to know if i could be considered for the decome supplies .

Hi Brittany. You course. I also have a transmitter that I used for two months, that should still be working. I had a transmitter that once lasted me over a year and a half! The tech support reps at Dexcom couldn’t believe it, but it’s true. I’ve never done this before, so if you have some suggestions please let me. All I ask is for you to pay the shipping. I will pack it and take it to the post office or Fed-ex office to you. I hope this helps.


Here is my email address and do you have a PayPal I can send you payment that way and if your ship USPS it would be cheaper with the priority shipping and I don’t need the boxs

Sorry I don’t have a PayPal account any longer. I had a very bad experience with them. I don’t have a Facebook account any longer either-I erased it because of the political nonsense. I really want to help you. Any other ideas?


Honeslty I don’t know any other way ive always used paypal

What other way im still in need of them.