Well regardless if there's a cure out there, or NOT, we STILL have our life in our hands and we can shape, mold and make our bodies do what we want them to do! :) I've been TYPE 1 for 23 years now and I wanna share my success with the rest of you on HOW I GOT and STAY RIPPED! :)

The NUMBER ONE question Fitness professionals are asked is "Do you have any tips, advice, suggestions on how I can shed this belly fat?!"

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Well, I just released an ebook called, "101 Tips, Advice, Suggestions AND Motivation to Get In Shape" and it answers that VERY QUESTION 101 times and then some:

  -Meal Recipes from Top Fitness Model Professional's

-Wisdom from a Type 1 Diabetic Fitness Professional on how to lose body PROPERLY and HEALTHY with NO BINGE dieting AND how to stabilize your a1c where it SHOULD be! Mine stays around 6.5

-How Jmiah went from 17% body fat to 8% in 12 weeks!! EXACTLY WHAT JMIAH DID to compete as a Diabetic Fitness Model!!!

-How much water should you REALLY drink?

-Why is cardio AND resistance training SO important?


I spent TONS of time on writing, designing and developing this ebook to help peole get REAL results, not HYPE and HOOPLAH! We're diabetics so we need something that HELPS, not HURTS! This ebook is FULL of power packed information to help ANYONE sharpen their game, shed those extra pounds and be the BEST they can be in getting the physique they want!

JUST GO TO and download the FREE "TASTE TEST" ebook version


Jmiah has established a national reputation as an inspiring motivational speaker with 14 years experience working with young people from speaking to hundreds of young people on a weekly basis as a youth minister (1995-2004) to traveling the country speaking.  

Not to mention a successful fitness model background always placing in the TOP of National Fitness Model Competitions, appearing in several popular TV shows like Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, MTV’s TeenWolf, several TV commercials, published in all kind of magazines, and then making the decision to invest in the young generation using humor and a purpose driven compelling message for people to take care of their bodies to fulfill the purpose for their life... if we’re healthier, we can live longer and fulfill a longer mission in our lives.   

Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic at 13 years old, then adjusting his life so he could LIVE. Even though he has faced death MANY times from hypoglycemia, he’s focused his life into being a VOICE to the American Teenager that they’re the answer to the obesity and diabetes problem. He does so with the power of laughter & inspiration.   

Jmiah’s ability to connect with the audience is a rare gift and is one you don’t want your audience to miss.   Jmiah is a HARD CORE STAR WARS FANATIC, likes to play his Play Station 3, & likes to do RANDOM goofy things for fun while making videos and posting them to youtube and! 



"2nd Place Winner of MODEL UNIVERSE 07 and 08"
"3rd Place Winner of MODEL AMERICA 07"

Type 1 Diabetic for 23 years

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