"Free Foods"

I just started the pump and the doctor wants me to not have snacks unless they are free foods. I'm really used to munching throughout the day..and not the good foods! Do you guys have any sugestions on what free foods are good?

haha i`m a snacker too, so i`m always trying to find free foods....i suggest:

cucumber, pickles, celery, a piece of cheese...popcorn isn`t terrible as long as its a healthy kind and you only have a limited amount....good luck! i`ll be looking to see what others post on here too!

i tend to eat a lot of nuts and pickles!!  cheese is a big one, too!!

pork rins,venna sauges,cheeze,pickels,beef jerky,salds just whach the dressing,nuts,hamberger with out the bun lol mybe with some cheeze on t lol,shrimp,hot dog with out the bun.those r some of my favs but i lots just cant remember them.

I only consider free foods free if they are 0 carbs cause if you eat enough of anything under 5 at once its no longer free. Mind you I am dealing with a 9 year old who lost 22 lbs and was eating anything and everything she could so I really had to watch this at first.

Pig skins have 0 carbs but they are not for everyone

sugar free jello I have found some with 0 and some with 1 carb

beef sticks kinda like slim jims but I found ones at walmart with only 1 carb fatty but its a protein I can get her to eat

tuna with mustard 0

sugar free Popsicle 4 carbs is the lowest I have found

uhm eggs 1 carb per egg

string cheese or cheese sticks 0-1 carb per stick

Ok that is all my brain is letting me think of right now

Sunflower seeds are my munchy that does not impact BG. I eat then in the shell for the fiber.  

Beef or Turkey jerky with little of no carbs is also a no BG munchy.

thanks for all the ideas!! there are so many of those that I never thought of before!

my favorite is cut up red peppers! but i also do carrot sticks, cheese, deli meat, eggs, salad (but be careful of dressings!)- ill keep thinking...

a lot of veggies are considered "free" food because you have to eat so many before the CHO begin to add up.


can i ask why your doctor wanted you to eat all free snacks? mine has always told me to eat what i want and cover it with insulin. just curious is all :o)

she just wants me to eat free snacks for about 2-3 weeks to get the basal rates set without the bolus insulin getting in the way and changing the data

cheese pickles cucuber tomatoes, very little pretzles celergy ooo and diabetic bars! on 9 carbs :D

My favorites:

Coffee (nothing added)

Cheese sticks



3 whole grain Goldfish crackers = 1g carb. 

Not alot on its own, but combine it with celery sticks and some cheese and its filling enough.

Recently my son has been loving this and I realized it could be a good low carb food for us T1's... I stir fry those pre-shredded carrots in a bag from the produce section with soy sauce and ginger. It takes 30 seconds and is 8 carbs. I think whole soy beans would be good with it, but he's 20 months so I still have to be careful of choking hazards.

I found these low carb wraps that have 10g of carbs but since 7 of them are diatiry fiber they are really only 3g carbs.  We use those to make her a little half quesidilla.  more filling then some of the things I have found.  Also the popsicle brand of popsicles are only 4g each have come in handy with how dry the air has been with the heat on here at home.  Or if you want pops with out the carbs use crystal lite in the little popsicle forms.

ive seen quite a few people mention veggies..they are a good one! but if youre eating carrots be carefull they are the veggie with the most sugar!!

corn and peas both have 3x as much carbs as carrots.

Olives, Danon Light & Lively Carb Control Yogurt (make sure it's carb control - 3 g of carb - others had 10 g.)

Quick note on Carrots. Raw carrots are a free food that does not raise BG; whereas, cooked carrots will really hit the BG button and raise BG. 

All carbs are not the same so be careful with foods. Some even have the same carbs and are completely different in BG.

ma endo told me when i was diagnosed 13 years ago ta watch out for carrots, and ya corn is even worse, and peas arent too bad if you get the fresh kind, and na tha sweet peas.