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Diabetes News Hound, a free news service for diabetics and their families, launched in July. The goal of the site is to act as a filter for all the world's diabetes-related news and deliver only the most important news in short updates that take 2-3 minutes to read. To receive the free updates, sign up here. You can also tell a friend about the service.  

If you have any feedback on improving the site, I welcome that as well. 

Chris Frankie


Diabetes News Hound

Are you posting information avaliable for diabetics and their families, or is this also a service avaliable to advertise, for example, fundraising efforts?

Is this just type 1 or do you have to wade through type 2 stuff too? Are they separated?

The website is still in its infancy but it deals with both types of diabetes.  Has info, forums, tips, etc. 

I'm thinking type 1 and type 2 should be seperated? Maybe a little tab/button deal, like at the top of the web site you can sort news by type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

Hi Alyssa,

The editorial portion of the site is for news. There are slots dedicated on the site for advertising as well. I haven't really considered the fundraising aspect, but am certainly open to considering a space for that on the site. What did you have in mind?


The news articles on the home page have 'type 1' and 'type 2' beside each article title so that you know which one the article deals with.  That is a clever idea.

The service covers both Type 1 and Type 2 issues as well as general diabetes topics. I typically indicate, in the headline, the type that that story relates to. Additionally, on the homepage, each story has a "type 1" or "type 2" button next to it for quick reference. Each update generally contains between 3-5 items. Diabetes News Hound is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and, depending on the flow of news, I am considering moving to daily. The service is new, so I am open to suggestions on improving it.


Awesome, Joe. Kudos, Chris, for already including that! How did your site get started, what's your personal experience with diabetes?

T-shirts, a project I started with the goal to sell 1,000 shirts dedicated to finding the cure of type 1 diabetes, raise $5,000.00, all by National Diabetes Day. It's posted on here, Juvenation's been a great support for this - but I've got 4 sold, 996 to go, and need all the help I can get as far as getting the word out about the project goes.


Thanks so much. I was diagnosed 9 years ago with diabetes. My doctor initially misdiagnosed me as a Type 2. I was unable to control my diabetes through pills so I went to an endocronologist, who told me I had this rare kind called Type 1.5, which has some characteristics of Type 1 and Type 2. Essentially, since I am insulin dependent, I consider myself Type 1.

I have wanted to start the site for years. I am a journalist by trade and for 4 years, I was the managing editor for a e-newsletter that reported on all the news mutual fund industry professionals would need. We scanned all the newspapers and wire services and added original stories and sent out an update at 8 am every morning. The Financial Times bought the company in 2008.

The goal is to become THE daily news source for anyone affected by diabetes. That includes diabetics, family members, medical professionals, etc.

As for the t-shirts, I am glad to help out. Do you have any internet-ready banners? Or, I could include a link on the bottom of my morning e-mails for a few days. Have you posted on Facebook, MySpace, TuDiabetes groups as well?


My roommate in the Hospital, when I was diagnosed, was type 1.5, so it's interesting to hear about that. Quite honestly I think you have a fair shot at success with your web site, I especially like that the stories are condensed to 2-3 minutes in length. Best of luck with it, I'll make sure to refer friends/family to it as well.

To be honest I've talked with Juvenation, etc. about this project longer than it's actually been up and running. I do not have any banners, although that's not a problem for me to get done if that works best? I appreciate your help, so honestly whatever is easiest for you works for me. No, Juvenation is the first, then another Juvenator's site, and then hopefully yours. I'm working on it :)

Thanks for the note -- I will do my best to make this a success. In regards to the ads, I have no preference actually. If you have experience creating banner ads, let me know. Otherwise, I will put some verbiage in the e-mails. Glad to help in whatever way I can.



Where do you go to get one of your shirts?  I am interested in a few of them!


The PDF can be found here,

A twelth shirt design will be uploaded sometime this week. Thanks for the interest; drop me an email at   to place an order.



No, I don't - not yet! But I'm sure with the help of my parents and everything, internet, etc. I can figure it out, need be. Just let me know what I should do to make this easiest, like if you'd prefer I do go ahead and make a banner? I really do appreciate this! You're awesome!

- Alyssa