Free Style Libre Falling off

My Free Style Libre - lasts about 7 days and then starts too loosen - i spend a lot of time outside and in the heat. Also have been sick so i have been taking steams. At 20YO I do not want anything else to make this thing noticeable (diagnosed at 17YO) - so any suggestions would be great.


You can buy a patch that fits right over the sensor from amazon that will hold in place for about 14 days some times the edges start roll up/off… One is called fixiC Round bandage & simpatch both on amazon. I do recommend them & waterproof

Thank you - are the clear? Looking for something that is not very noticeable…

I’m not familiar with the Libre Free Style, but, have you tried Skin Tac underneath the adhesive part only? For me, it creates even more adhesion. What I used to do when I wore Dexcom 5 was apply another adhesive strip after the initial piece starting turning up a little. I applied the Skin Tac underneath it. That gave me at least another week. I now use Medtronic Guardian and those adhesive pads are so sticky, that I don’t need anything extra. Plus, they have to be removed after 7 days anyway. You might also check with the company and see what they suggest.

I use Simpatch and it’s beige in color and works well. I apply skin tack prior to using it. After 7-8 days, the edge starts to roll but I just trim it off and all is good…