Free supplies (pump, insets reservoir, CGM and sensors etc) to those in need

My son switched over to a new system and I have a LOT of new medtronic supplies (insets and reservoirs), a used tslim pump and DEXCOM G4 and G5 supplies, etc…pls for anyone in need, please point me to where i need to go to post what i have so i can get these supplies into good hands and all i ask is that they cover shipping if its more than 20$ (which i doubt it will be) ideally this would go to those who on longer have insurance or who are out of a job,i am jsut trying to help and this is my first time using this portal since my son was diagnosed 7 years ago…so i truly don’t know where to post this :)( sorry if this is the wrong place, I am just trying to be helpful)


Brandi @Thechus , Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

You have made a very generous offer, and this forum is a good place to find someone in need.
As you may have seen when you joined, there are many active members of this Forum who share what they have found to help in diabetes management, and also “mistakes” they have made and attempt to steer others from those downfalls. Feel free to share what you have learned about diabetes while guiding your son.

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THanks Dennis! I am learning this site but i did have one question- do they automatically close out threads after a certain period of time?

I was actually coming on here to post the same thing, I have 6 boxes of dexcom g6 sensors with 3 sensors in each and 2 transmitters that I would like to give to someone who may need them as well. They are unused and two boxes expire at the end of April. My brother switched to the Freestyle Libre so we can’t use the dexcom anymore.


No Brandi @Thechus , Topics are not automatically closed out. A Moderator can set expiry dates when appropriate for certain Topics.
Let us know when you have given away your gifts and we will remove the Topic to keep the site clean.

Hello , I wanted to see if they where still available you can reach me at my email since I’m new to this site and not really sure how to use it

By any chance do you have any Silhouette ??

I could really use the supplies for my son especially the CGM sensors since those are not covered by insurance

Do you still have the Dexcom sensors and transmitters available because that would be amazing to get those from you I can pay something for them and shipping cost . I have a 11 year old son and I’m paying out of pocket for CGM supplies which is very expensive so he goes without wearing it at times until I’m able to buy more for him insurance doesn’t cover it . I can’t afford the I a higher monthly insurance payment so I’m stuck right now . Any way please let me know I would be so grateful!

Hi there! I just turned 26 in January and am struggling with my new insurance :frowning: I’ve ran out of all my omnipod and Dexcom supplies, and even my old Medtronic back up supplies. I would like all the supplies you’re willing to send please! I can send money for shipping!! I went into dka last weekend without long acting insulin or a pump

I can use your tslim pump and syringe supply. I will send your shipping cost. Thank you in advance.

My sister could use the g6 sensors if still available. She pays over $500 a month for supplies and can hardly afford it. 1 of the 3 pack of sensors could really help.

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