Freestyle Libre 2, 3 & Dexcom G7

Hi All,
I’m on MDI and have been using The Freestyle Libre 2. Am thinking of switching to the Libre 3 as it’s more accurate (see ( I prefer using the Reader rather than phone, but no reader is available with the Libre 3 and I’d have to buy a new phone as mine isn’t compatible. Dexcom G7 offers a reader, but shorter wear time. Wondering if anyone has switched from the Libre 2 to the 3 and if yes have you seen a big improvement in accuracy ? Is anyone using the G7 yet (speaking to Europe as it’s not yet available here) and what’s your opinion of it ? Thanks!

Hi @Jophilly . Is the Libre2 going away, or is the improved accuracy a deal breaker for you? I do think it would be good to keep receiver/smartphone as an option rather than eliminating the receiver entirely.

Hi Dorie, I haven’t heard that the Libre 2 is going away, but greater accuracy of the Libre 3 is appealing. I agree that a reader as back-up is preferable, and relayed that to the Abbott Customer Service Rep by phone.

Hi Joanne @Jophilly! I have the Libre 14 day. They are phasing it out and are trying to move people to the Libre 2. I have had good results from the 14 day and am worried the Libre 2 isn’t as accurate. I, too, like the separate reader. I think it is one of the main downsides to the smaller and more accurate Libre 3

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Hi Courtney,
It’s great to hear from another Libre user ! I switched to the Libre 2 because I need the alarms, and they’ve been a game-changer for me- I now never go dangerously low (below 55) thanks to the alarms. I also overlap sensors= apply a new sensor 24 hours before the old one stops working and scan it with my second reader so that I can rely on the older one while the newer is “warming up” and is less accurate. My endo recommended that and paying out of pocket for the 2nd reader was well worth it. That won’t be possible if I switch to the 3 and lose the reader option.
I’ve decided to give the Libre 3 a trial run, am getting a small supply of 3 sensors and will see how it goes for @ 6 weeks. I’ll report back after this personal trial of Libre 3.
Have a great day, Joanne

I do the same thing! By starting a new sensor while the old one is still working, I get an idea about how accurate the new sensor will be. Definitely let me know how the Libre 3 works out for you. I’m trying to decide if I want to skip the Libre2 and just get the 3.

I certainly will let everybody know. I’m so tired of the sensor failures with the Libre 2, that I hardly ever had with the previous Libre versions. It happened again this morning- 12 hours after application the reader said: “Your sensor is not working. Please remove your sensor and start a new one”. Abbott always replaces, but this is very inconvenient. I use the reader and prefer that to a phone, but I’m willing to try the 3 & use my phone for greater accuracy.
Question- Does anyone know if there are fewer sensor failures with the Libre 3 than the Libre 2 ??

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@Jophilly Your comment is why I don’t want to switch to the Libre 2. The Libre 14 day occasionally has error readings where it has to recalibrate for 2-12 hours - but then it is back and is fine. I have never had a sensor fail. Maybe I should call the company and see if they will discount the Libre3 to the same price as the Libre 14 day. I don’t have insurance, so I pay cash ($75/month).

Hi Courtney, Yes I already checked and the will provide a voucher of $75/mo for the Libre 3 if your co-pay is higher or don’t have coverage for the product. Give them a call.

Thanks, Joanne! I’ll call tomorrow!

Here is my update on the Libre 3 for anybody who is interested. I haven’t been able to try it yet because after receiving my new (refurbished) Iphone I saw it came with IOS 16.1.2, which is more current than what the Freestyle Libre 3 App is supporting. When I downloaded the Libre 3 App, it said “Your device may be incompatible and some features such as Alarms may not work.” Very scary. I reached out to Abbott and they know they are behind Apple and they’re “working on it”.
I then contacted Apple support and there’s no way to go back to a previous IOS version. So for now, my attempt to move to the Libre 3 using my phone instead of the Reader is on hold until Abbott makes the update on their end. I did turn off automatic updates for the future as Abbott suggested.
If anybody else is already using the Libre 3, your opinion would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the update, Joanne. I just looked and my iPhone is 16.1.1. To be honest, I don’t have alarms with my Libre 14 day, so no alarms would be ok with me. I am pretty intense with my scanning and my husband (go goes to bed later than me) scans me in the middle of the night.

I used the Libre 14 day with my iphone and I got that message often. Don’t let it stop you from using the app and updating your phone to the latest version of iOS.

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I’m newly diagnosed T1 and hospital provided the Libre3. Given my diabetes newness I view BG readings often and would do finger tests to verify high and low readings. I found Libre3 to be accurate on highs, however the lows were off between 40%-60% for me. Would get warnings at 56 with double down arrows and blood test would read 94.

Switched to G7 and found highs to be just as accurate as Libre3, but far more accurate on lows (between 10%-20% before calibration). The more low calibrations I do, from blood tests, the more accurate the G7 readings are getting. The G7 phone app is also far better allowing lots of inputs and graph views that includes those inputs. The G7 Clarity app provides longer timeline charts with goals and percent your hitting those goals.

Thanks so much, this is very helpful! I’m still using the Libre 2 w/Reader & haven’t been able to try the Libre 3 yet, because the Libre 3 app isn’t yet compatible with my phone OS. I’m not comfortable trying it until I’m sure of compatibility, because I’m VERY reliant on the alarms. Libre is always inaccurate in the first 24 hours of a new sensor, but is generally accurate (for me) after that -allowing for the 10 minute lag vs. a blood test. Everybody is different and I’m glad you found a system that’s working for you !! I bought 3 L3 sensors, so want to try them before having to go through the rigmarole of getting a new prescription and supply of Dex G7 to try that. The L3 is supposed to be more accurate than the Dex G7 (a lower MARD), but again each person is different and has to find what works best for them. Welcome to the forum, T1D is difficult to manage but this forum is tremendously helpful to me (and I’ve had T1 for 50 years). Best, Joanne

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I have been using the FreeStyle 2 for years and the 10 day and 14 day before that. I always have used a reader.

I had a G6 for a while but it was so unreliable I dumped it and went back to FreeStyle.

I am very disappointed to hear the Libre 3 has no reader. I’m not a big cell phone hound and don’t want to have to drag the cell phone out to check and then probably get sucked into checking texts, responding, surfing etc. I like the reader only doing it’s thing. My current cell phone does not support it. I don’t want to buy a new cell phone.

I won’t be going to the 3 any time soon I don’t think.

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Hi there, I’ve also used the Libre all along-since the original 10 day was introduced, and always with the reader. I actually bought a new phone in part to try the Libre 3 (along with 2 L3 sensors) and have never been able to try the L3, because my new phone came with a more advanced OS than the Libre 3 supports.
I check every week and Abbott is taking forever to update their App. So I’m going to try the Dex 7 with receiver.
Both the Dex 7 & L3 are supposed to be much more accurate (lower MARD numbers) than the Libre 2, so I feel a change it worth trying.
IMO Abbott made a HUGE mistake introducing the Libre 3 without a receiver, and will likely lose many customers to the Dex 7.
Interestingly, the L3 does have a reader in Germany, so the technology already exists. Germany is a much stricter (more patient- focused) health regulator than our FDA is and likely required Abbott to make a reader available with the L3. Germany appears to be the only country that did.
Have a great day !


Hi Everybody, I’m here to give an update for anybody who’s interested. I started using the Dexcom G7 system (including the receiver) about 5 weeks ago, prior to this I’d been using the Freestyle Libre systems (10 day, 14 day, then Libre 2). I’m on MDI & generally well-controlled. Unlike with the FL2, so far I’ve had no issues with faulty/non-working Dex 7 sensors. So that’s a big plus for Dexcom. The Dex 7 readings also seem to be accurate, more accurate IMO than with the FL 2. The only negatives with Dex 7 vs. FL are the 10 day vs 14 day wear period, and inability to see previous readings on the Dex 7 receiver. You can see trends, reports, etc. but you can’t ‘back up’ for example to see exactly what your reading was 30 minutes or an hour ago. The only way to see previous readings is to upload data to Dexcom Clarity. With FL it’s very easy to see previous readings with the receiver. For me, this is a HUGE negative. However, given the increased accuracy of the Dex G7 system + better-working (no failed) sensors, I’ll stick with the G7. Hope this is helpful !

hmmmm. I can do it using my phone… easily. I can set the time for up to 24 hours and I touch my phone and it shows me my previous blood sugar.

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Hi. I recently switched to the G7 after using the G6 for about 4 years. I like the G7 a lot, it’s super-accurate for me, even straight after warm up. I prefer the insertion to the G6, and the sensor adhesion is better for me. So far, I’m really impressed with it.
I can’t do that thing on my phone that Joe is showing us (I have an iPhone) - nothing happens when i touch the screen.