Freestyle Libre 2, 3 & Dexcom G7

hi @Rod when you are displaying the graph, touch the graph area right on the bgl trace and hold it there, a cursor should(?) show up. I’m using a near ancient iphone 12 mini if I slide or move my finger even a little it doesn’t work - takes a bit of practice. once you get the cursor you can slide left/right for any bgl reading. if you let go, the cursor disappears. found it by accident really. cheers.

hi @Joe - you are quite right - every day is a school day!! Thanks

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I am glad it worked for you!

The phone app may have better features than the receiver, I prefer not using my phone (although this might convince me to try it!)


Agree, I do the same. Also recommend the Clarity app from Dexcom. Can get time series reports from it as well.

Man, I’m really frustrated that the Libre isn’t compatible with my phone. I would normally prefer a reader, however, my desire was to use the Libre 3 as a temporary CGM, until I decide on TSlim or Medtronic 870. I want things to get out to customers and settled, before I commit. So to buy time, I thought the Libre would be a good option. And cheaper than buying a new Medtronic transmitter. Mine is probably not going to last much longer. I can’t file on insurance, because what if I don’t want to stay with Medtronic? So, I’d pay out of pocket for Libre. Anyone know how much it would cost retail for about 3 months of supplies?

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Hi Dee,

Abbott offers one free trial of Libre 3 sensor plus vouchers to bring cost to $75.00 per month (2 vouchers) if you’re paying cash. They may also offer a voucher for the Libre 3 receiver (which is new, was approved by the FDA a week or two ago). if ur phone isn’t compatible u nay be forced to use the Libre 3 receiver.

Dexcom also offers discount vouchers for cash pay patients for the Dex 7. Rite Aid automatically applied it for me to bring cost to $89/month (3 sensors) & I found a voucher for the Dex 7 receiver that brought cost down to about $75.00. I’m happy with the Dex 7 (note I’m on MDI not a pump).

Good luck !

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Jophilly, that’s good to know! I will check it out. Thanks.

Please note. Currently in the US, the Libre 3 does NOT come with a reader. There is no reader available for the Libre 3. That is why Medicare will not cover the Libre 3. If and when a reader will be available, who knows. If you plan on making the switch to the Libre 3, check with your healthcare insurer to see if the cover it.

@jkap I just researched this and while it was true for a period, Abbot received FDA approval of a reader for Libre 3 and has received Medicare approval for Libre 3 w/ the hand held reader. The really stupid part is that a lot, if not most people, will get the reader (required/covered by Medicare), throw it a drawer and rarely/never use it (preferring the BT connection to their phones so they don’t have to carry a separate device). Seems high time for Medicare to get the hint (or for Congress to change the law Medicare has to comply with) and stop paying extra for an over-priced PDM/phone/piece of equipment that few people use.

I see your point, but another way of looking at it:
I for one like having a backup plan: iff my phone is broken lost or stolen, or am update results in an issue with the reader’s ability to function (which I believe I’ve read about on the forum) I like knowing there’s something else I can use. My philosophy is “better to have it and not need it, thank need it and not have it.” And truth be told, I like having a dedicated device for certain things. At least have an option.

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Hi Tom! @Tlholz I have the Libre 14 day and I actually use both my phone and my reader. The reader allows me to start a new sensor while still using the old one. This way, I can gauge the accuracy of the new sensor. Also, recently, the sensor on the top of my phone stopped working. I could not use my phone to get a glucose reading. While I have the part ordered, it is going to take another week for it to arrive. Luckily, I have the hand reader!

One of the worries about switching to the Libre 3 was the lack of a reader simply because of just this eventuality.

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Hi @homeschoolingmomof5 . I’m trying to picture what is going on but can’t. Do you mean the app stopped working? Is there a device you attach to your phone (I imagined it would use bluetooth)? Thanks - you have sparked my curiosity - if I’m being nosey please forgive me.

Libre uses NFC (near field communications) for display of BGL and Bluetooth for alarms. The “readings” come by NFC and by placing the phone very close to the sensor. You need a phone with both technologies, and compatible with the app.

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@wadawabbit You’re right, of course, and I agree with the back-up plan use and do so for extended travel plans/cruises and the like: I take the PDM in case my phone breaks, gets lost, or stolen (been so long, I’d have to educate myself again on how to use them). I should have better said Medicare needs to come around to not “require” a PDM to cover a pump, CGM, etc. It’s seems a holdover from differentiating between pharmacy/drug vs pharmacy/device that applies/uses/delivers a drug. They seem stuck, whether by self design or law, in the 20th century and we’re well into the 21st century…they/Congress should join us here!

Hi Dorie! @wadawabbit I use the sensor at the top of my phone to scan the Libre and it just stopped working. My daughter put the Libre software on her phone and could use her phone to scan my Libre. So, it is not a software issue. The tech at batteries plus said the sensor in the top of the phone is delicate. Apparently, when my 4 year old knocked the phone from my hand (he was tired and having a tantrum) it damaged the sensor. From then on, it was wonky (it took several tries to get a reading) until it just went kaput. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Got it, Tom! @Tlholz Thanks for elaborating. I am MDI, so, am unfamiliar with the requirements of a pump. It does seem like a lot of red tape!