Freestyle libre 2

I know that the Freestyle libre is available now but I can’t find any pharmacy around my area that has it in stock. Is anyone else having this problem?

My pharmacist (not the techs - the actual pharmacist) has been very helpful in the past when items were out of stock, on back order, etc. One told me that pharmacies in the same area tend to use the same supplier and it might help to check ones that aren’t in my usual shopping area - it may not be convenient but you might find them.
Keep us posted!

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@Spiderrowdy, @wadawabbit

One additional trick to put in your Rolodex, is to ask the pharmacist who their primary wholesaler is. Then check your local pharmacies. Depending on your location, note the location of home offices & regional chain hubs. As an example, pick the Ohio River valley area. Kroger is headquarter in Cincinnati, Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville, while Meijer is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Know theses locations, the companies may have affiliations with different pharmacutical distributors: McKesson, Cardinal Health, & AmerisourceBergen.

Hope this helps and gives you some names to alert on. Additionally, try tracking down a support number for Freestyle and ask who sells in your neighborhood.

As Dorie shared, keep us in the loop.

Mickey @Spiderrowdy, “having it in stock”, is not really important and in reality, the Libre 2 shouldn’t be expected to be sitting on a shelf “hoping” that someone may want one - or more. The Libre 2 is a new-comer.

What you should be doing, is addressing your pharmacist with a doctor prescription and request delivery to/for you. It is not reasonable to expect a pharmacy to invest in every new product that comes along.

Much like in April 1996 when I brought a Humalog prescription to the drug store for filling, the pharmacist told me that she thought my dictor misspelled “Humulin”. I explained to her that Humalog is a new RAPID-acting insulin, just approved by FDA, to replace my use of the much slower FAST-acting Humulin. She got on the phone, made a couple of calls, and told me she would call and let me know delivery date. Ver simple. Share your education.

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I was going to suggest speaking with the pharmacist as well. @1 year ago, my Dexcom became available for purchase at the local pharmacy or through mail order from a 3rd party supplier. I called the mail order that Dexcom suggested and was told it would take at least 2 weeks before they could ship my order. I advised them that I would run out before then and they suggested I pick them up at my local pharmacy. When I went to my pharmacy (CVS) with my prescription, I was told they did not carry it. I explained to the pharmacist my situation and that per Dexcom these sensors should be available there… She said she’d look into it and asked me to wait. She, like in Dennis’s case, made a phone call or two and came back and told me she could get them. She just had to contact her supplier and find out how soon they could put them on the truck. I had my supplies within a week (sorry I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but I think it was @ 4 days).

So, if the pharmacy does not currently stock it, ask if they can get it for you. Let them know that you would like to fill these there, if possible. I’m sure they can check and then let you know how soon they can get them.

Hope this helps! Please let us know how it works out for you.

Pam K.
T1D 56+ yrs and counting!

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I keep a Freestyle or two (the original one) on hand just in case anything should happen to my Dexcom, but I don’t I use them on a regular basis - if you do you might see if they’re available via a mail order pharmacy. My pump and CGM supplies are on auto ship and I’ve never had a problem. I’m guessing mail order suppliers keep a larger inventory on hand than local pharmacies are able to stock, so it may be worth investigating.

Have you tried calling Abbott (the company that makes it)? I was having trouble when I first started using the 10 day system. Express scripts wouldn’t fill my prescription and my insurance thought it was covered as a durable medical device (and was no help in figuring out where to order it from). I finally called a local Abbott rep and she told me to just go to CVS. They had to order it, so it took a few days to fill, but I haven’t had a problem since. And now that I’m ordering them regularly my local CVS keeps them on hand and often has my order ready the same day.

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CVS usually has available in stock, also many CVS pharmacies inside Target stores. I believe the Libre website or customer service could tell you.