Freestyle Libre CGM

Has anyone got any advice about the Libre CGM? My daughters medicaid will not cover Dexcom G6 anymore because she didn’t have enough lows below 50 :exploding_head:. I was researching the Freestyle Libre but would like to see if anyone has any experience with this CGM.

I use Dexcom but have used the Freestyle on a few occasions. I really liked it - with Dexcom I have to press a button sequence on my pump to see my numbers (or press one button if using the separate sensor) - which can be awkward if I’m driving and have to finagle the pump out of my pocket and press the buttons. With the Freestyle I just had to swipe the receiver over the sensor and voila! However, I really need the glucose alerts and the Libre does not have them. So pluses and minuses for me:
Quick and easy access to readings
Readings are stored in the transmitter and are saved if you are away from the receiver. It stores up to 8 hours, after which the earliest ones drop off.
Swiping is painless.
Out of pocket price is much less than Dexcom.

No alerts
Does not connect with pumps if you use one.
Receiver is separate so you must carry an additional device, although it is compact.
If you sleep straight through the night for me than 8 hours you need to set an alarm if you don’t want to miss readings.

If it had alerts and was approved for pump calibrations I would use it in a heartbeat.

Thanks @wadawabbit I hope it will work for my daughter will miss the alerts tho. She was upset about going to libre reader was really hooked on dexcom its sad that Medicaid has so many requirements to meet before they will cover dexcom.

I have Medicaid and it’s covered in my plan - I don’t know if it varies from state to state though. I had already been in a CGM for many years which may have made a difference. Sometimes I’ve tried to work with my insurance myself but I’ve found having my doctor, device rep, or even the supplier handle things, works better. They seem to “speak the same language.”