Freestyle Libre Sensor Applicaiton

Hello all. I had a question for those of you who use or have used the Freestyle Libre Upon Recomenndation from someone, I decided to try it out. However, I tried to apply the sensor as per the directions but as hard as I pushed, the applicator would not ‘fire’ and when I put them down they just triggered on its own (I probably put it down too hard) I called the company and they sent me replacement sensors but the same thing happened.

I may not be Hercules but I am not a weakling so I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the same issue or not?

Hi Jordon, it really doesn’t take any muscle to apply the sensor to the back of your arm. I’m not quite sure from your description what is happening, but I would suggest watching a video online to watch the process. I’ve always had success and I’m more than happy to help you with tips on making sure it sticks well for the 14 day period and anything else that you have questions on with the Libre. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a direct answer to your question, but I hope watching it being applied helps

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My apologes for not being clearer. So the first set of Sensors I got via my pharmacy would not trigger no matter how I pushed on the applicator. So, I called the company and they sent me replacement sensor where the applicator worked with little pressure needed if at all but it did nit work out because the pharmacy gave me the wrong type of reader (14 day sensors 10 day reader) so I was able to get a 14 day reader for free and a refill on the sensors via the pharmacy and I am running into the same problem as with the first set of sensors (I push to try to trigger to the point im leaving a circle mark on my skin but the appicator will not trigger to apply the sensor.

I had watched the videos on the company website so I know how to set things up before using the applicator;

Wow that’s frustrating to go through the same problem again, hopefully calling Freestyle Libre for help will resolve this for you. I really want it to work for you, I’ve had great success with managing from this CGM

Hi. I just started with the Libre yesterday, and did not have any problem with application. However, I am having other issues: My understanding is that the Libre (and other GCM’s) tend to under-estimate blood sugar compared to a finger stick. So far, not only has my GCM reading been much higher than my fingerstick, but seems WAY different. I understand that the interstitial fluid measurement is about 10 minutes behind a fingerstick measurement, but I still can’t make heads or tails of it. Here are some examples: This morning about 2 hours after breakfast my libre GCM said 157. I checked it with a fingerstick which works right in the GCM and got 119, and I also did my Verio One Touch and got 145. Later, after a run, I got the same reading from my fingerstick on my Libre and my Verio - 66, but the Libre GCM said 105. Other checks have consistently shown the GMC to about 30 points higher than my fingerstick (from either source), even when I am in the middle range of around 100. Has anyone had this issue?


There’s a handful of times in the past when I have checked the Libre reading against a finger stick that was pretty far off, like what you got also. As of right now my Libre says 98, and my finger stick says 106. To me the lag time of interstitial fluid readings are the cause at times. If a number doesn’t look right from what is going on, say it hasn’t come back up yet from a low, I wait 10-15 min., and recheck again and then find it is moving back up. It’s all in the trend line for me personally, that’s what I keep an eye on over anything else. I scan the sensor way too often I know but I like to manage tightly