Freestyle Libre V3

HI all,

Has anyone managed to get hold of a Libre V3 yet? I’m still fighting to get Surrey Heartlands CCG do get their fingers out of their backsides and permit us to upgrade.

Just wondered if anyone had one yet, and if so how they think it compares to the V2?

Hi Lain, I currently use the Libre 2 & am happy with it except that it’s not sufficiently accurate in the first 12 hours (so I overlap using 2 readers/sensors- I apply a new sensor and scan it with my 2nd reader 24 hours before the older sensor stops working. My endo taught me that trick !) I would have switched to the Libre 3 because it’s supposed to be more accurate- BUT the 3 has no reader- you have to use your phone. I prefer the reader. The G7 has a reader so I will try that when it becomes available if my insurer covers it.

My doctor sent a prescription to Express Scripts for me about a month ago (just for the sensors, not for a scanner, which I thought was a mistake but now reading Joanne’s response I might have to re-evaluate). Express Scripts emailed me that the Libre 3 was backordered and they couldn’t fill my prescription at that time, so I just refilled my Libre 2 script instead.

I’m surprised the Libre 3 sensors are back ordered as they were cleared by the FDA 6 months ago (if memory serves). Are you required to use Express Scripts for sensors ? If not they might be available at a local pharmacy.

I was surprised, too. For now I have to use Express Scripts if I want to do the 3-month mail order thing. I originally got them monthly from CVS, but they kept messing up (like when I switched from Libre 14-day to Libre 2 they kept giving me 14-day sensors instead). But my insurance is switching me from Express Scripts to CVS Caremark Jan 1, and I see my doctor mid-January, so I’m going to try again in January and see what happens.

I’ve used CVS Caremark too & was happy with them- strongly prefer a local pharmacy to mail order, for exactly the reason you mentioned.
CVS usually had to order the 6 sensors (didn’t keep in stock) but the wait was never more than a day or two.

Good luck !

I should explain I am in the UK. We are supposed to be able to get them prescribed, but in my area this is proving nigh on impossible!

I have been using them for about 70 days. Much better than Libre 2 sensors. Let me know if you have questions.

They key one is - are they less painful to apply? This is my daughter’s main issue with the V2.
Our experience with the Dexcom G7 was that it kept cutting out a lot - if you lie on the arm with the Dexcom it stops broadcasting data for some reason.

I don’t feel much pain when I insert my Libre 2, but if I get my hands on a Libre 3 soon, I’ll let you know how it goes. Although, the Libre has a similar issue. If you lie on the arm with the sensor, you sometimes get false lows.

The Dexcom just quits giving data, which in many ways is more annoying.