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Hey everyone, we finally got our prescription changed for my son to get the 14 day Freestyle Libre sensors (we had the 10 previously). My question is this, can I use his scanner from the 10 day kit on the 14 day sensors? I need to know so I can get the order in since we need the sensors ASAP. Thanks in advance!!!

I googled, but am trying to feed three kids and eat food myself. Figured I’d was faster to ask more knowledgeable people.

@FoxFaerie hi Jennifer forgive me I don’t have a Libre but I am almost positive you can’t use the 10 day receiver with the 14 day sensors but I am thinking there is a Freestyle program for people switching from the manufacturer and the 14 day sensor can pair with some smartphones in the interim. Good luck!

Thanks joe. I appreciate it. sigh another added cost, and we just spent 22 days in the hospital with his little sister. Bad case of a perforated appendix, then an abscess, then a bleed in the stomach. When it rains, it pours. Just glad we’re home and it wasn’t anything worse.

~I also have the app, I like reading it better than the reader itself.~

Oh my gosh @FoxFaerie let’s hope you have a quiet week ahead. Take care!

You have to change the scanner. I have 2 if you need one

Hi Jennifer when I changed to the 14 day sensor and reader, I contacted Abbott, they said they would email me a voucher to print for a new reader, to take this and a new script from my doc, and that the voucher is for a free new 14 day reader. I’m positive they are not charging for the new readers since the 10 days are being fazed out. Contact Abbott, get signed in with them to receive email updates, that is how I found out right when the 14 days came out. Good luck! I also have 2 10 day sensors left over as emergency back ups

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