Freestyle test strips no longer covered! Read if you use them

The national drug formulary, which sets the recommended drugs to be covered, has dropped freestyle test strips as a recommended strip.  That means that many, if not most, insurance companies will no longer cover them.   Omnipod seems clueless when I called.  Freestyle was more helpful, but you can't get high enough in the company to really make a difference.  Anyone who uses an Omnipod knows you have to use Freestyle.  What can we do as a group?    (and please don't suggest just getting a different meter.  One of the reasons we chose the Omni was to lose the meter and carry less equipment)


I got a letter from my insurance carrier saying my strips (freestyle) was no longer being covered and their choice was OneTouch Verio or other OneTouch products. I completely forgot that Omnipod uses freestyle strips. I know my letter stated that if I wanted to continue to use freestyle I would have to pay out of pocket for them. I hope that isn't the case for those using Omnipod pumps. That would be extremely terrible! I am going to look into it further to see if others are going through similar experiences and get back to this forum! If you find out any information first please share it here...

Hi DianeMarie,

I posted about this on our TypeOneNation Facebook page to get extra help and this is what everyone had to say: