Frequent Headaches

My 7 year old daughter has frequent headaches on car rides has anyone else experienced this?

I used to get frequent headaches, although usually when I woke up in the morning. Doctor visits didn’t find anything but checkup with the dentist determined I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. Perhaps not related to your daughter’s headaches but it could be something to look into.

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My only headaches are related to hypoglycemia.

Various people get “car sick” so her headaches may be on that level. Distractions are helpful. Needlepoint keeps the mind focused on something in hand. With hundreds of types of stitching available something here may help her not pay so much attention on the mode of transport. I learned to embroider about the time I was diagnosed. Currently stitching secondhand garments with blossoms, lazy daisy is a favored stitch, then give them away. Stitching is soothing for me.