Friend for almost 7 year old daughter

Hi, My daughter was diagnosed this past May. Would love for her to meet another friend her age. We are in Flowery Branch Georgia. My email is if anyone is in the Atlanta area and has a child her age that would like to make a friend. Thank You :unicorn:

Hello and welcome to the forum! A tip from someone who tends to be very cautious - be careful posting your contact info - the forum is open so anyone can see it. People can message you on the forum by clicking your user name. You might also check JDRF chapters in your area - click on Resources then Personal Support.
Wishing you and your daughter all the best. I was diagnosed in 1963 and am doing well.

@Shyanne14 Welcome Sandy to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I don’t know where Flowery Branch is ion Georgia, but I have added a link to the JDRF Chapters close to Georgia. Find a Chapter - JDRF

Chapters, if you can find one near you are a wonderful place to meet people affected by diabetes; you can find more information by clicking the Events Tab at the top of this page and and then select JDRF Near You, If there isn’t a Chapter close by, you can use the Events tab to find a near-by diabetes happening, such as a Walk or Bike ride.

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