Friendly Hello

Hi Everyone,
Just want to introduce myself. My name is Dez and I was just recently diagnosed with type 1. Hoping to connect with a knowledgeable and supportive community as I transition and take on the overwhelming chapter in life type 1 has presented. Cheers-

Hi Dez,
My name is Joyce. I have T1D for 35 years. Are you on a pump? I am not now due to the cost. What is your age?

Hi Joyce, I’m 36. I’m not on the pump, I’m on four insulin injections a day. It’s all new to me. It’s been hard making adjustments in lifestyle, that’s for sure.

Hi Dez. I’m Brianna, am 34 and have been diabetic since I was 2. I hope you find the community you are looking for here.

Hi Dez
I’m Walt and I’ve been Type 1 for 46 years now. I also have written a book, my fourth, about my experiences with diabetes and also about the disease itself. It’s called: “Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet.” I am also an advocate for the ADA and the JDRF. If you have any questions, please free to post or message me and I will send you my email address. I’ve pretty much seen it all. Good luck!

Thanks so much! My head is still spinning with all these changes. My new doctor says that I’m going through the “mourning process” . I’m taking a nutrition class at the end of march so hopefully that will help with the carb counting. I know I’ll have lots of questions, Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Pretty soon you’ll think carb counting is super easy. :slight_smile: good luck on everything

It will be great to just start feeling better again. I remember THAT being my number one thought when I was first diagnosed. It is overwhelming at first, but you will be surprised at how it just becomes part of everyday life. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it does get easier. Hang in there!

Good luck to you. It does get easier.

Hi everyone, i’m Jim 55 from Liverpool, NY . I’ve had type 1 diabetes since age 4, 51 yrs now , would love to talk others & make new friends on here !! I hope everyone is doing well !!

Dez, I am on 4 injections a day also, 3 of Humalog with meals and 1 of Lantus (24 hr acting). I can’t afford a pump. Injections aren’t bad, it’s just not high tech. And, you have to do the calculations yourself. I never go anywhere without a calculator. The best advice I can give you is some that my first doctor gave me. She said that I should become an expert in my own disease and exercise makes all the difference.

Hi Dez,

This post is a little old, so you may no longer be active but I still wanted to say hi. I’m 33 and have had diabetes for 23 years. Please feel free to ask any questions, there are a lot of challenges that I believe are specific to being a woman in my 30’s. Not sure if you want any advice at this point. I highly recommend talking to a therapist and also getting on a pump asap. The flexibility it provides you will make all the difference as you transition into this lifestyle. Please ask anything…

All the best,

Hi Dez and Everyone! My name is Wendi and have been T1 for 47 years! It is great to see a place us Type 1’s can talk!