Friendly Hello

Hi! New to the group here, I’m 36 and recently diagnosed. Hope to connect with the community :slight_smile: -Dez


Welcome! How is the transition? Are you doing shots daily or have you already been introduced to an insulin pump? Do you have questions or need insight on any specifics? Here to help. God bless!


Yes, please ask away!! T1 43 years.

Hello! I would recommend seeing if there is a local JDRF committee in your area, too! It’s been really great to troubleshoot that way (for me, anyway). It’s how I ended up switching pumps! Anyway, everything will be fine. Welcome to a great group of people!

Hello, my son was diagnosed December 6, 2008. I will never forget that day! I’m new to this site.


It’s a great site with lots of good info - glad you joined!!


T1 43 years

Thank you all for the wonderful welcomes. Im not on a pump, just four shots of insulin a day. I’m finally getting into a routine but last night and this afternoon my blood sugar dropped. My hands and legs and teeth all started shaking uncontrollably and it’s a terrifying feeling to not have that control over your own body :frowning: but the glucose tablets fortunately kick in fast…Britt, I’ll definitely check into a local JDFR, thanks!

check out carbo gels too, they seem to work faster than glucose tabs for me. Being diagnosed a T1D as an adult is a strange experience, I was 29 at onset. back then the assumption was that I must have been T2D based on my age, even though I was an athlete and not overweight. lots of good info and advice on this site and they do good work in T1D research. I’m on a pump and CGM, has helped my keep my A1C under 7 with no complications for 20 years. good luck and absorb as much knowledge as you can - you have to be your own DR with this diesease

Hi! I am a 52yrs./56y.o. T1D. I was on the “old” pork/beef insulins for years. I began using the rDNA insulins as soon as they became available. I wore an insulin pump for 22 years. I am now ‘back to’ a basal and boluses (pens). Should you need to “vent,” please know that I will listen! So VERY MANY gains have been made in the past 25 years1 Life with T1D is, very simply, about management! YOU CAN DO IT! I KNOW THAT YOU CAN!!!

My husband is a T1 for the last 36 years. Our 18 1/2 yo son was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. While I always knew it was a possibility, the reality for both Dad and I was like we had been sucker punched. Our oldest two have no issues. J is doing real well as Dad is a great example and he has grown up witnessing a T1 his while life. Me . . . my nerves me anxiety can get the best of me at times. My husband is “old school” vials and syringes. J does both syringes and pens but will transition to an insulin pump as soon as it arrives. Glad to hear from others!!

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for connecting. This sounds silly but what is the pen. My endo doc has never mentioned it.

A pen is just as it sounds . . . a pen shaped pre-loaded insulin pen. It has a convenient dial for selecting the amount of insulin to inject. Pros and cons to syringes and insulin pens. My newly diagnosed son said he actually prefers syringes.