Friends and diabetic buddies

So there isn’t many diabetics in my town and they are all younger than me. I want a friend that i can connect with. Im 14 years old and i’ve had type 1 diabetes for just about 6 years now. Hoping there are people on here that would like to talk.

hi @EvieFire , I hope you find some replies soon, I haven’t see our young adult crowd in a few weeks I hope they are still active @bookwormnerd13 , @sugarbug1022, @Kiwigirll


I think you’ll have more success in a Facebook group for T1D teens and/or on Instagram, using the hashtags #t1d, #type1diabetes, and #doc (diabetes online community).

I would like to talk if u want I am 13 and have had it for 8 months

Hey! Im so glad you replied! I would love to talk