Friends and family: gotta love 'em!

So, i went to my sister's BF's hocky game with her, and she wanted to check her blood sugar. so, i said " OK, i'll get it out." and she was all "no! not now!"

then 2 min. later, "i want to check my blood sugar now."

me: now?

her:yes now!

me: ok...

so i got it all out, and she started freaking out, like "it's gonna hurt!' blablablablabla.

So i did it, and she was 174 i was like, thats high for a normal person.

FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!

I l aughed, and said, we'll check it again another time.

We did, and it was 99. She was so releaved!

Also, my friend Maggie, who is also diabetic, was delivering santagrams at school yesterday, and i was going down to the nurse to take my shot. I told her i needed 11 units of insulin (ratio=1/17). she was like 11?! yep i said. she told me she only was going to eat 1/2 a carb, which is like 25 grams for her (BIG honeymoon thing). her reaction made me laugh :D