Friends and family: gotta love 'em!

So, i went to my sister's BF's hocky game with her, and she wanted to check her blood sugar. so, i said " OK, i'll get it out." and she was all "no! not now!"

then 2 min. later, "i want to check my blood sugar now."

me: now?

her:yes now!

me: ok...

so i got it all out, and she started freaking out, like "it's gonna hurt!' blablablablabla.

So i did it, and she was 174 i was like, thats high for a normal person.

FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!

I l aughed, and said, we'll check it again another time.

We did, and it was 99. She was so releaved!


When I was first diagnosed in september (yes this year!), My dad and sisters would freak out at me just testing my blood sugar! Then we asked them if they wanted to try! OH,that was hilarious. Then we made them watch me take a shot. THE next day, we asked them if they wanted to give one to me! that was even funnier! They still freak out at this so I try to purposly freak them out now. Thenb when I do my shot in my stomach my sister says ...but blood will come squirting out! Then one time I bled a little after  and she was so scarred!

My favorite family related story was when i was in the hospital we had to go to a ton of classes. In one class we learned the basics, including testing sugars and giving insulin shots. Everyone of my family members had to partner up and give shots to one another! I was laughing so hard! My little sister had to give a shot to my brother-in-law who is a big hockey guy. I think he was more afraid then she was! ironically though they never had me give a shot to myself, so when they first let me I was really nervous I was like I don't know what to do!!! :D