Friends asking questions

So, I resently got an I-Pro CGM put on and I’ve been getting asked questions that I have answered about 20 times since I first got it out on. (Got it out in Friday and it came off. Got it put back on today.) I’m getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again. Any advice on what to do?

Amanda @AAT1D, are you saying people have noticed your CGM and are asking what it is? I’d respond that it is a medical device that permits you to live - and leave it at that.

If the questioners want more, suggest that they do a “CGM Search” and then suggest that they search “may & trump”. As you may have noticed that Prime Minister Theresa May was displaying a Libra VGM on her left arm when she recently met with President Trump.

Oh. OK. That makes since. Thanks Dennis @Dennis!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am assuming it is on your upper arm and that you are wearing short sleeved shirts.
You can go Dennis’ way if you want, or as the weather is getting colder, just wear a longer sleeve shirt. (I am assuming you live where its warmer than where I am, because no one is wearing t-shirts where I live these days, way too cold!!! LOL)

That way, you become more in charge and decide if YOU want to start the conversation about it or not.
hope it helps!

No, it’s on my stomache and they see it when I change for gym