Friends? Pen pals? Anyone?

Hey guys! My name’s Grace! I’m 15 years old and have had diabetes for 5 years. I looking for friends, pen pals, really anyone with diabetes to talk to. Thanks (:

Hi grace! My name is Ashlie and I just got dignosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago.

Hi im Jamie, i have had diabetes for just over a year.Ive always wanted a pen pal like physically writing letters it would be so cool! You can talk to me if you would like :slight_smile:

Hi how are you guys and sorry to delay but I have to go but I will be on tomorrow. So if you are on tomorrow( October 16,2014) then please do talk to me

Hi. My names Matthew. I am 13 and was diagnosed about 7 months ago. I like to watch movies like Maze Runner and The Avengers. I would like to have some friends to talk too. So friend me please.
(Also I am a huge Star Wars fan)

Hey guys im back and if you are on please talk to me

Hi im mikayla and i was diagnosed with diabetes about three years ago and hopefully i will be getting my pump soon ( my mom still has to take me to get a test done first.)

HALLO!! I am the awesome and fantastic Fiona! sorry I think I had too much coffee… lol I wanna be bffls with alla y’all YAY im 14 and my diabetes is 12 years old… (you see what I did there, its like its actually alive haha) any who y’all might think im crazy but truth is I am very bored!!! PLZ TALK TO ME I love friends!!!


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Hi i’m Anna, I’m 16, and I have had diabetes for about 10 years. I would love to have some people to talk to. I have been struggling lately and could really use someone who can relate to me and i am also willing to share all of my experiences with anyone!

Hello!! My name is Christian :slight_smile: I literally just joined this website and would absolutely love to talk to you and be your pen pal if you’re still interested :smiley: get back to me!

Oh btw, since I’m 18 this website will block my profile from some people under 18, so if you want to be my pen pal or just start talking, you can email me directly! :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m Arianna I’m 14 and I will be 15 in April I whoud love to have some pen pals with tld

Hey Grace my name is GRACE TOO!!! That is so cool. I would love to be friends. I am 13 though and I was just recently looking for some people to talk to. But it would be really cool to talk. Although I do not have any social media other than Pinterest but I am still glad that I am not the only T1D teen looking for another T1D teen friend LOL.

Oh my goodness I am the exact SaMe WaY although I am not board I am just looking for a t1d friend. BTW I am 13 and my diabete is just 6 1/2 months old LOL.