Friends with Type 1

Looking for other kids with Type 1 in the area. My daughter is about to turn 8, from Georgia! horse: :person_cartwheeling:

Hi Sandy @Shyanne14 , I’m not in Georgia, and I’m more than ten times your daughter’s age.
My suggestion, as I’ve met many local people with TypeOne this way, is to visit [or contact] the JDRF Chapter in your area - good references there. My Chapter in Florida also sponsors sub-group meetings and events, such as monthly Sunday picnic, for both younger age and teen age people with diabetes.

Find a JDRF Chapter and phone number by clicking on “EVENTS” tab at the top of this page, select “JDRF Near You”, and enter your zip Code.

Good luck finding her sone T1 friends.

I went to diabetes camps during the summer when I was a child. That might be something she would enjoy.