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Hi Everyone,
Last week July 5th was my birthday. I’ve been a T1D since I was 11. I don’t know anyone who has type 1. Nobody in my family has it. I feel like I’m the only one. My birthday wish is to make a friend with someone in or around Hoboken, NJ who has type 1.


I understand how you feel because I have felt the same way. I can’t seem to find anyone in my town in Florida. There are a few support groups for type 1 on Facebook. They help connect and maybe you can find someone from your town on there. Best wishes to you and I’ll be hoping that you can find someone in Hoboken!

Hi Peter @Qusar15218, and belated Happy Birthday!

I too celebrated my birthday this week along with my daughter and the country - we’ve had some really awesome multiday celebrations together over the last 50+ years. My 16th birthday was the most memorable for me - I received a “wish” that nobody ever wanted - I was diagnosed with diabetes! So, diabetes is celebrated with a tasty cake or pie. When I was diagnosed, the word “diabetes” was unknown, except to doctors, un my town and it was a long time before I met another diabetic.

As Barbara @Vadasbarbara said, a way to find people with T1D is by attending events such as walks or bike rides raising money for diabetes; after moving to Florida, I’ve connected with many really awesome folks who really understand living with diabetes. Find people and diabetes events by clicking the “EVENTS” tab at the top of this page, select “JDRF Near You” and enter your zip-code. On this site you will also see posted meetings and events. The Chapter closest to me also has sub-chapters and one of those groups meets monthly. The group with which I’m involved also has a very active teen contingent that meets separately and is very active - including sending members to Washington for the Diabetes Congress.


Hello Petar,
You don’t mention how old you are, but regardless of your age both JDRF and the ADA (American Diabetes Association) have events throughout the year. Check out their websites to find your local chapters and what events they are holding. I grew up in S. Jersey, so I went to events in Philly growing up. I now live in Arizona and have found several friends with T1D locally via these organization events.

Depending on your age, you could also look into diabetes camps - - campers are generally age 5 - 15 and counselors/counselors in training are also needed. From my experience, several decades ago, almost all of the staff and all of the campers have T1D. I still have some friends from my days at camp.

If you are in college, check to see if your college has a chapter of the CDN (College Diabetes Network). If so, you can join them. If not, look to start one. This group is fairly new,(IE: They didn’t exist when I went to college in the 80’s,) but they are doing something I wanted to do then. Unfortunately, I went to a small school in upstate NY and they didn’t see the need.

So, don’t give up. There are many other T1D’s out there. I hope these suggestions help you to find them!

Pam K.
T1D 57.11 years and counting

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Hey. I’m Kiara. I’m 20 years old from Miami, Florida and I’ve had T1D since I was 7 (for 13 years). I have no friends or family with T1D.

hello @Kiarap67 and welcome to Type One Nation. I hope you get to know a lot of us here! Finding live help, locally, can be a real challenge. If you go to the “Resources” page, or the Events tab at the top of this page, you can select JDRF Near You you may find a JDRF local chapter near where you live. Good luck!

It’s not a curse, we are just different and special. Celebrate it!!

Reddit has an active group while virtual can be somewhat comfortable I think.

Welcome, Petar!

I was diagnosed at age 12 in central NJ. That was many years ago (and I’m now living in NYC), but what helped me a great deal when I was first diagnosed was the teen diabetes support group at my local hospital. We met once a week or so and just talked about what we’d learned and what we’d tried and what we were going through. And I made some friends there that I kept in touch with outside the group.

Unfortunately, COVID has made it harder to find in-person groups. Checking local JDRF events and chapters is great. Keep an eye on the JDRF events page to see what’s coming up. The California chapter runs a monthly virtual teen meetup that might be a good start. You’ve probably already checked the help page for newly diagnosed teens.

It might be worth it to call your local hospital or ask your doctor if there are support groups nearby. I checked briefly on Google and found this page of Hoboken diabetes resources. It links, among other things, Camp Nejeda, which is a summer camp for diabetic kids in Stillwater. (That’s a little bit away from Hoboken, but still in north Jersey.) They also have weekend programs in the fall. I think they have virtual meetups, too. It’s worth talking to them to see what they offer and whether they have suggestions of other local support groups.

You can also try the Diabetes Foundation in Hackensack. They sometimes have support groups for kids and might know of where else to look locally.

I hope something here helps. And we’re always around if you have questions or want to talk.

I understand entirely since I couldn’t find a local Type 1 from 1956, until a few years ago. I went to a local JDRF event nearby and after a presentation met Mke, who has become a close friend. He introduced me to a local Type 1 discussion group that met every month. Developed many friendships there for several years, but COVID shu it down, and I’m hoping to restart it.
Check with JDRF for local conferences or events where you might find something like I did. Good luck!
Ted Quick
T1d diagnosed 4/9/1956