Hi, I go by Pacem and I’m 14.
My friends accept my diabetes but do not understand it. I don’t mind but sometimes they just don’t take into account I can’t do some things as easily as they can. Such as nights away from home or staying out for a long time. They do understand it’s important sure, but sometimes they can be pretty ignorant through no fault of their own. They think I’m brave for taking care of myself and looking after this disease.
I get picked on quite a bit at school for eating healthily a lot and it’s not fair.
It’s like having friends but not having friends at the same time.
Lets’s say when my sugars might be high I can be well, an absolute jerk. I don’t mean it but my ability to think rationally goes out the window. When I’m low, I’m extremely sensitive.
My way of coping is just to shut off from the world when I’m high or low. I go and do something that’s just me. Like writing or sewing.
If I’m out with friends, I just tell them "look I’m high/low right now and I will act crazy."
The best thing to do is just tell them and be honest.

Hey :slight_smile:

Yea, I’m 15 and the only one of my friends (and school) that has diabetes. They also accept it but don’t understand it at all really, and I’m pretty sure they don’t care to learn all about. (They care about me of course, they just don’t realise the huge impact diabetes can have on someone). Of course I feel pretty lonely because no one really understands the struggle and ugh but you know, you’ve gotta stay positive as much as you can so I try to ignore it as much as I can… Whenever I tell them I’m on a low/high, they never really understand what it means and just ask if I’m supposed to take jelly beans now (lol). Idk where I’m really going haha but yeah I guess I just wanted to say that it really does suck that no one ‘gets’ me.

I 13 and my friend don’t understand type one diabetes and say mean thing but they don’t try to be mean. what do I say to them.