My names Kianna And I’m 17 Years old And have type one diabetes. I’m actually instagram famous (sounds lame I know lol) but it’s always nice having someone to talk to about diabetes. Contact me :slight_smile:

Whats your instagram name?

@itskiannaa (:

Cool! My Instagram name is @rileyychase and I would really like a friend :blush: I’m actually a lot younger than you haha I’m 12 do you know anyone who’s 12 who has diabetes? We can always talk over this too​:smiley:

Hi there!!! I’m on insta, @you_me_plus_t1d
I’m 14 and am always looking for a diabuddy.
I am a public speaker and advocate for JDRF.
Here’s my emailing anyone wants to chat

I don’t have Instagram, but if anyone wants to chat my email is It’s my school domain, but I can get/send emails from/to other people. :slight_smile: