From 9.2 to 6.9 in 3 months!

Well i am very excited to tell all that i got my a1c down to 6.9! And you know it wasnt really that hard i just had to do what i should have been doing all along! I got the lab results from my family doctor so i cant wait to hear what my endo says. 3 months ago he was telling me that something was just gonna have to change and maybe i needed counseling but i did it on my own. i havent been under 8 since my son was born so almost 5 years! Being on this site has really helped a lot!! I love reading everyones posts and feeling like a part of a group of diabetics!

great job, stephanie! that's amazing progress. good for you :D

That's so awesome!  Congrats!  :) :) :)

AWESOME work :)

Hooray!  *throws confetti*

Congratulations, Stephanie!  That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!

Way to go!!!!  I hope to have results that good too!!!  Keep up the good work!!!

That is wonderful.  Keep up the good work!

Congratulations, that is amazing!   Celebrate your victory!

Great work! Your son is lucky to have a Mom who's taking such good care of herself!