From Navigator To Dexcom

On Friday I started a trial run with the Dexcom 7+. I had been using a Navigator, but it developed a problem in the transmitter. Abbott wanted to replace the transmitter, but their supplier of the transmitters (and receivers, too) is in trouble with the FDA for not keeping adequate records, so no replacement transmitters or receivers are available. Abbott has recognized that those of its customers who need a replacement transmitter or receiver, have lost the capability that the Navigator was supposed to provide, and have offered a generous refund to those customers, so they can obtain another CGM (from a competitor). I am very pleased that Abbott has sought to minimize the inconvenience to their customers.

I applied for, and have received my refund, so I'm going to try the Dexcom 7+. I was concerned that the promotional material seemed to say that the Dexcom sensor must be placed in the abdomen, but the Dexcom Clinical Education Specialist, Jacqui Murdock, who uses the 7+ herself, assured me that it's ok to put the sensor in the back of the upper arm, where I had been putting the Navigator sensor. We are working on how I will mount the Dexcom receiver on my bicycle. Jacqui says she has another user who has successfully mounted the receiver on her bicycle, so it looks like that problem will be solved. The sensor was inserted at 10:45, and it takes two hours to get "wet" for the first calibration, so I headed for home.

When I arrived home about 12:00 there was a phone message from Jacqui, that I had left my case at the office. That case contained my BG meter, which I would need for the calibration at 12:45. I didn't want to drive back to the office without eating lunch, so my first calibration got delayed about a half hour, but it worked ok.

Tom Beatson

Phoenix, Arizona

Tom, I'm on the 7+ too and it's a big improvement from the accuracy on their 7 system. I hope you like it.

I think it's just that the FDA approved the sensors for use only in the abdomen, so that's what all their educational booklets, etc have to say. But, lots of people on here use it in other locations. My trainer also suggested it would be fine too.

Just a warning, if you have a sensor problem and call the company for a replacement, they are required to ask if you're wearing it on your abdomen. Just a thought -- you'll have to decide how honest to be.