Frowny face

Well it isn't too often when I fell really upset about being diabetic... but when you have the flu you really HATE it.

Call my doctor nothing they can do more then what you have been doing to myself, but going up to 400 everyday even after taking double the amount of insulin you normally take and drinking lots of water and then even more water after you throw up and pee out what you just drank. BAH It is like a flash back to when I was 1st diagnosed. I hope that this flu will be gone soon.

Ewwww, how horrible. All of us diabetics are worried about this flu. Do keep us posted, OK? My husband had it and lost 10 pounds. I send a digital hug and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hope you feel better soon.  Take good care of youself.


Hi Stilledlife,I am so sorry you got the flu.How long have you been sick ? I Hope you get better very soon !

All better! and not so sick of diabetes anymore! yes!